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Episode 22 - Limiting Beliefs

Date January 1st, 2020

At an early age, prior to exiting the womb even, we are programmed by our immediate surroundings with a set of beliefs that will ultimately become our operating system that dictates the ways in which we navigate our individualized human experiences. The downstroke to being human is that, oftentimes, due to the imprisonment of the five senses, the belief systems that we are programmed with have fear based roots, geared toward survival, viewed from a lens that recognizes lack and limitation as the primary precursor to most of our choices. How have limiting beliefs prevented you from living your best life? Join us Wednesday as we discuss this, sometimes very unrecognizable, involuntary solitary confinement.

Episode 21 - The perils of instant gratification

December 18, 2019

As human access to technology has expanded over the course of the last century, especially since the onset of the digital age, instant gratification has become the rule, rather than the exception. How has our ability to access most of which we desire, often instantaneously, exacerbate human suffering? Equally, what are the ways in which our increased access to information, for essentially any thought that passes through our minds, have evolved us as a species?

Episode 20 - Happiness

December 4, 2019

We all love to feel happy, but does the act seeking constant happiness perpetuate suffering? Join us Wednesday as we discuss the pros and cons of placing happiness as our end goal.